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My name is Fridae.

Ever since I can remember I was 'candy-ing' objects for gifts to my closet friends

or for around my home.

In just a few years I have created and developed a fashion company

catering to the excessively gaudy!

I'm a Jersey Girl that loves her bling. 

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Friday Candy

Friday Candy customizes fashion with quality glass crystals. We cater to all shapes and sizes who have the confidence and elegance to shine so bright. Please note that the clothing is just an accessory to their ego!

Whether you are renting or purchasing custom clothing we are here for all of your step-out, show out needs in group setting, performances, special occasions, vacations, birthday celebrations, parties, festivals, concerts and available in bulk to boutiques. We have something for everyone.

For instance Custom Clothing is our biggest entry point to the world of Friday Candy. How customization works is we partner with in-house stylists to find the perfect base items for your intended date of delivery. Base items could be items we find, items in your closet that you currently own (in great to perfect condition) or items in the shopping cart of your favorite online website. Once that is chosen we discuss stone colors and formations and get to work!


Custom Candy always fits because it was hand selected for you! 


Contact to Connect

Boutiques & Designers

Let's bring a bit of sparkle to the world, one outfit at a time!

Continuously looking for new and exciting creative opportunities. 

Create a custom Luxe Line or add a few sparkly pieces at wholesale prices.

Friday Candy is available for bulk shipments to boutiques within the states. Let's connect.


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