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All About Rhinestones


Where to begin.. Quality.

Simply put crystals or rhinestones come in many different colors, shapes and sizes!

A deeper look into crystals and you begin to identify the difference in the price of a crystal or rhinestone. This difference in price is based on the quality of a crystal. The quality is measured on the production of one, to how many facets created, the overall finish and purity of the shine. 

It's no secret the Swarovski crystal has reigned superior to any other rhinestone produced hence the price difference being sometimes three times more expensive than  a standard glass crystal. 

Quality Continued

We compare prices between different wholesalers to get the best/least expensive cost per project. Standard rhinestones are easily accessible. Depending on the color we stay true to one provider. However over time we have noticed a finish to be a bit superior and would prefer one over the other. 

The mid-range rhinestone we use is Preciosa crystals. This crystal can be .10 to .50 less expensive than 1 Swarovski crystal. When working on designer merchandise the best would be a Swarovski crystal due to quality and durability. To save a bit of money the Preciosa would be the only other option.



Colors & Sizes

Today we can find 1000's of different colors available in all different sizes. Depending on the base/medium of the project determines the size you want to use. Most of the sizes we use range from 6ss (2mm) to 20ss (4.5mm). 

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