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How Does It Work?!

Get to know how to acquire your first Friday Candy piece. We showcase 10% of the items we create on our social medias. For the 90%, we look to our clients to provide insight on the overall look they wish to accomplish.

Creating custom, one-of-a-kind, outfits is the mission! Purchase something we've already created with a twist or be original and let's make magic!


Be Original

Be The First ✨💎🍬

We simply do not have enough hands for the demand to make a sample of each item. So we decided to share our current inventories to allow you all to see the vision. When you are the first to customize please enjoy a discounted rate on the item!

Easy as 1.2.3!

1. Select Clothing you want to get customized.

(try-on & send to Friday Candy)

2. Choose Rhinestone Color/s 

(see The Candy page to view all colors of rhinestones available)

3. Select Formation of Stones

(see Candy Formations below or Inquire for Abstract)

4. Wait for the Sparkle to Arrive!!!

7 Candy Formations

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